The brand aims to develop a mid-century polish design that has never been in production before. The products in the worst-case scenario were not published to the wider audience till now. The best case scenario is the National Museums also internationally acclaimed as Victoria and Albert Museum London. The Museum of Modern Art in New York has RM58 (the most famous Vzor model) in the regular design shop offer. Zaha Hadid picked RM58 for the selection of organic design samples of the XX century.


The Good Living &Co (custom made possibility)

The Good Living &Co is the original brand of Monika Szyca-Thomas, which has been dealing with crafts for generations. Her great-grandfather is the founder of the workshop (1927 year) where the brand's products are currently made. The workshop was passed down from father to son and from father to daughter. Monika decided to develop the design furniture brand 3 years ago and in my opinion, it's now one of the most important portfolios in Poland. Products are as unique and unrepeatable as the people for whom they are created. The brand aims to popularize high-end design at reasonable prices.

The Good Living &Co

Mati Sipiora

The mission of the Mati Sipiora brand is to break monochromatic interiors with bold finishes and forms. Its design can definitely be classified as playful and It also reflects the 1980s and the history of the Memphis trend. The style of these years is very present in Mati's inspirations, not only in the products themselves, but in the entire style of the brand. The retrofuturistic style, visible in films (especially Sci-Fi) from that era, strongly defined the brand's personality. As Mati himself says: “Interiors can be colorful, not monochromatic, and full of intriguing, artistic objects. I love weird design, weird sci-fi movies, and weird art. I believe this creates tension and a bond between the observer and the observed. I decided to create objects in the same way, using bold colors and bold forms. This is how my design is created, a design called Weir_do by Mati Sipiora”.

Mati Sipiora


SPLOT is synonymous with handicraft and tradition tamed with modernity. The techniques used to make our products are still remembered by our great-grandparents, but the design fits perfectly into modern interiors. That's why our style is called Modern Folklore.


Lexavala (custom made possibility)

Lexavala has made it its mission to create lamps with a quality that allows the use of more than one generation. These are hand-made products that refer to jewelry with precision and detail. Lamps that will be passed down from generation to generation, after all, no one throws away jewelry!



A Czech brand specializing in outdoor design.
Founded by designers, for designers.
The name of the brand comes from the ego, the egoistic need to create products that are not on the market, but everyone would love to own them.



Szkło (custom made possibility)

Szklo Studio is a craft brand from Poland produced in the Netherlands. Its mission is to promote glass as an extremely shapely and unique material. Each product is different because it is hand-blown glass.



Aleksandra Józefów sculpture, painting

Aleksandra Józefów is a contemporary sculptor living and working in Gdańsk. In hes works, she uses strong, brutal, resistant materials such as concrete, metal, wood and glass. She is also not afraid to reach for classic materials such as marble or granite. In both cases, however, she interprets them in an innovative and contemporary, yet penetrating, sensitive and thoughtful way.

Aleksandra  Józefów

Aga Stando Painting

Born in 1967. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 1987 - 1992, she made diploma at the Faculty of Graphic Arts, in the illustration studio of prof. Janusz Stanny and in the painting studio of prof. Jerzy Tchórzewski. principles of illustration, design of books, posters and drawings, painting and photography.
In the years 1997 - 2006 he worked as the head of the graphic department at the Czytelnik publishing house, also designing covers and illustrations for the publishing houses "Muza", "Rosner i Wspólnicy" and many others.
Aga Stando

Mat Kubaj Painting, painting patterns on objects

Mat Kubaj was born in 1993. Visual artist: painter and interior designer. He creates abstract painting with Japanese ink on paper, canvas and ceramics. His works are characterized by unusual expression, minimalism and graphic composition using the contrast of black and white. As he himself says, "the works are painted with a gesture and a record of a fleeting moment...". In his work, the artist uses various painting techniques. Recently, his selected works have also been transferred to hand-knotted wool and silk rugs in a limited edition. The artist sets new challenges for himself and does not limit himself to a specific framework. Abstract painting as a medium gives him freedom, creative freedom and unlimited creativity.

Mat Kubaj

Roksana Machowska Painting

Roksana Machowska was born in 1996. She graduated with a master's degree in art. Her work covers a variety of styles such as: graphic arts, digital art, painting, textile art, design and installation. Nature is a big part of her work because it's something we struggle to fully understand as humans. In her work she wants to express all the power and unknown elements of nature.

Roksana Machowska

Tomasz Stando Painting

Tomasz Stando was born in Warsaw in 1953. He graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His works are in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw and many private collections in Poland and abroad. Numerous publications, e.g. in "Dictionary of contemporary Polish painters" and in the magazine "Koncept of space ancient and modern". In 1986, he was honored with a Grant from the Pollok-Krasner Foundation (New York). 2006–2019 lived and worked in London, UK. Since 2020, he lives in Warsaw. In the years 2010-2014 cooperation with the London newspaper "Nowy Czas". Tomek creates on canvas, wood and paper, and the size of the work is even 120 x 180 cm.

Tomasz Stando